A downloadable visual novel

Chapter 1 released! If you have completed the prologue, you can get in right away!

You wake up in an alley. Your head hurts, and there's blood all over the place. You investigate your surroundings, but after you check everything, there's still something you don't know.

"Who am I?"

This is a mystery story about unveiling what happened in that alley. But what can someone without a clue of what his name is do?

Luckily for you, someone comes to you as soon as you leave the alley... and it's your girlfriend?

"I'll help you as much as I can!"                  

She'll support you as you discover your own past, and above everything else, what happened in that alley. But, you may also end up uncovering something that you wouldn't like to...

Final release features:

Three different playable characters!: Each with their own mechanics, to keep things fresh!

Memories: This handy feature allows you to automatically store important information you recieve, which could help you later if you need it.

Who done it?: Each chapter, you'll end up having to apply your logical skills to pinpoint the culprit.


Keep in mind that this is just the prologue of the visual novel, and as such, it's meant to be an introduction. This prologue may or may not play as how Mane's route will work during the main route. I can promise, though, that it will be very close to what you can see in here.


Is this your first release? It depends on what you mean with release, but if you mean that if this is my first time doing something from nothing, yes, and I feel very happy with the result. However, it's been a while since the first version came out (around two years!), so I think I can already say it's not.

Hm, even so, I think you could improve some stuff. So do I! That's why I'm always open to any type of criticism. In fact, if you want to directly tell me stuff, you can always contact me via Discord (TSS~Danny#1710) or via Twitter (@Danny_Liberte).

Will this specific release get updates? Yes it will! The free demo version will contain the prologue, and the first chapter of the game, meaning that you will have enough content to evaluate if you want to pay for the full version or not. Of course, you can also contact me and ask for specifics!

Do you intend on reaching some kind of milestone before working on the full release? No, of course not. This is my first game and I completely intend it to be something I can use to learn from it. However, if you want to help me by donating, I more than welcome it. If you do, contact me via Discord or Twitter, please.

Who worked on this visual novel?

NNDanny: Scenario writing, character design, programming

Chihiro: Character graphics, GUI (partially) (@chiiihirro)

Kazura: Character sprites, character graphics, GUI (partially) (@KazuraShuu)

ClaireClockwork: Character graphics

Geoff Moore: Game's OST

Uncle Mugen: Background used. (Link points towards the post containing everything)

Will the final release be free as well? Sadly, no. I'm going to invest a lot of time, and the artist (or artists in plural) are going to make a big effort to bring the best out of this project. BUT, if you expect me to ask you more than 5$, that's not going to be true. I truly want as many people as I can to play this, so I don't want to make it too...hard to reach.

What can I do to support this project? Several things, actually! Share it with some friends of yours, comment and leave some feedback, or you can even donate (Patreon) if you want to! Any money gained this way will be used to further improve the quality of this project.  (To donate via PayPal, contact me via Discord)

As for free stuff, I'd highly thank you if you could maybe follow the main twitter account, and/or retweet the tweet where this game is at. Thanks!

Why does the window say "Free version"? Because this marks the end of what will always be available for free. This can be changed in the future, but as of today, it has been decided that the free version will have the Prologue and Chapter 1 of the game, to serve as a base of what is to come.

I'll update this FAQ with more to come questions any of you may have, so, if you want to ask something, just do

Install instructions

Download the file, extract the folder and execute Doce.exe


Doce6-1.0.1-pc.zip 140 MB

Development log


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So happy I stumbled across this game! The girl definitely game me a few jumpscares whether intentional or not haha. Only bug I noticed is when I tried to skip certain scenes the game would become unresponsive. Otherwise keep up the great work, and can't wait to see the full game! 

Thanks for the comment!

Can you please tell me when you downloaded the game? Is it version 0.6.4 or 0.6.5?

I'm very glad that you liked the demo, despite the unintentional jumpscares and the bug you encountered, hope to see you again when the chapter 1 releases!

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This is for version 0.6.5
the error is below just in case :)

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
Exception: Possible infinite loop.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "scripts/story/prologue.rpyc", line 92, in script call
  File "scripts/definitions-code/definitions_code.rpyc", line 92, in script call
  File "scripts/definitions-code/definitions_code.rpyc", line 55, in script
  File "renpy/execution.py", line 61, in check_infinite_loop
    raise Exception("Possible infinite loop.")
Exception: Possible infinite loop.

Doce 0.6.5
Mon Feb 22 21:32:39 2021

Okay, thank you for your reply!

I will check if everything is in order and if it is, then I'll probably update the way the skip is implemented for the next patch.

Thanks again, have a good day!

Wow, pretty great prologue! Definitely threw me in for a loop. I can tell some DDLC experience has helped. I can't wait to see the full game!

On another note, it appears I can't get this game through the Itch app for some odd reason, but the download itself works fine when I go to a browser to do it.


I'm sorry for the late response. Wow, I wasn't aware that you could do stuff with the APP, definitely going to take a look on it when the next update falls down. 
On a side note, yes, DDLC has encouraged me to do this, I'm glad you noticed! I'm also happy you liked it!

Thank you for trying the prologue, and I really hope I see you again when the full game releases!

Hey! I just downloaded the game and I have to say, I really liked it! And I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the game!

Thank you for playing Doce's prologue! Please, if you have any complains, do not fear to let us know.

The only complaints I have at all are that the grammar is a little off in some places, but everything else was spot on honestly

Hey guys, I've really enjoyed the prologue. Looking forward to the main game!

Thank you for playing! We are working hard on bringing you the rest of the game, so please, do look forward!


May I help you with something?

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Nope, just wanted to say HI! also thanks for the cool visual novel.

You're welcome, thanks for playing the prologue of Doce!

Please, be sure to check out the full version once it comes out, it'll contain a lot more things.

okey dokey