Version 1.0 released!

Hello everyone!

Had a great February? I sure hope so! We did have a great month overall, and we could even manage to develop a new version for Doce 12's prologue. This contains several upgraded visuals that will be part of the full version, as long as some design choices made through the way. Since I myself love having a list of changes, let's just go ahead and do that (no particular order, but I'll try to order the least important down below)

-Updated Yano's artwork! I really hope all of you like the new artwork as much as I do.
-Changed the textbox and namebox to make it easier to recognice who's talking.
-Made the "Memories updated" icon more noticeable. Check it often, as some memories get overwrited!
-Added support for various languages, and added spanish translation for the texts. It was only meant to be a test, but welp. (Translation by ArceUseless, thank you!!)
-Tweaked some text and cleaned some of the typos I've seen. No major changes to the story, though.

And that's about it. I'll add the mandatory "Bug fixes" over here because it's something that every patch notes must have...but yeah.

I hope you like Doce 12's prologue, and please, keep looking forward for the full release!

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Feb 28, 2019

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